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Another Opposite

Mar 9, 2012

I noticed something tonight that I found quite interesting (and by interesting I mean hilariously funny when it is not actually happening).  Tubby is fifteen times more active in the fifteen minutes we take to get ready for bed than he is all day.   How's that for a conundrum!

During the day, he:

  • Sits to play with his trains
  • Sits to look through his family album
  • Sits to build with his blocks
  • Sits to play with his fire house/police station  
While getting ready for bed, he:
  • Runs around in a circle trying to avoid my grasp, giggling hysterically
  • Holds onto the bed rails and jumps up and down
  • Climbs on and off my back, giggling hysterically 
  • Walks around the bed helping me tuck in the comforter
How about your little (or big one), does he seem to be the most active when you are trying to calm him down? 


  1. Already learning to stall - a tactic they learn much too young! Yes, our kids get that last burst of energy too :)

    Found you from the Saturday laughs bloghop!

  2. My son is like that sometimes...I thought a bath was supposed to be relaxing and allow kids to wind down! :)

  3. :) that was cute...since she love to be held until sleep. Sometimes when its time to lay her down because I "thought" she had fallen to sleep already She rather smile and giggle and play

  4. Haha- Isn't that the way it is! Both of my kids do this! So funny but true! Thanks for linking up. Hope to see you next week on the link up!



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