Life, Naturally: The Tylenol Recall Didn't Scare Me

The Tylenol Recall Didn't Scare Me

Mar 2, 2012

You may have noticed that there were a few recalls recently by Tylenol about their infant products. Apparently the dosage was miscalculated for infants.  Why didn't this scare me? Well, I have never and would never give my baby drugs. Did you know they add artificial flavor and artificial color to medicines targeted to young children as well??

Unless gravely ill, there is no reason to drug an infant. Why you ask, again? Infants are very small people. They are highly sensitive to everything, including drugs. Think about how easily adults can get confused with portions and amounts and relativity when it comes to food. What makes us think we know how much is okay for a tiny infant who can't tell us something is wrong or contradict our decisions?

Infants do not need to be dosed from the time they are born. Our pediatricians, as I am sure yours did as well, told us to give a little infant Tylenol after the many vaccination appointments. Ahm, I disagree. The point of introducing germs into the system via vaccinations is to build immunity. That little fever after means that the body is doing exactly what it needs to do to build immunity. Why would I interfere in that process? No reason - therefore no drugs.

When we told the pediatrician about Tubby's skin allergies she suggested cortisone. Again, no thanks. My tiny infant, already hyper-sensitive to food doesn't need this artificial steroid in his system as well throwing his body even more unnecessarily off balance.  Physicians tend to over prescribe, and they tend to do that often. Don't fall victim to that and regret it later. Stop, think, and research for yourself. Your babies will thank you later!!


  1. Thnaks for such a awesome post and I agree with you.

  2. I learned that about not giving Tylenol after vaccinations awhile ago and thought it was a good idea. My doctor is good about listening to our opinion so i was glad for that and he agreed not to give it after wards as it lessens the effects of the vaccines and they don't work as well.

  3. My children aren't babies anymore, they are 19 & 21. I have heard about the Tylenol recalls. When my children were little I did give the childrens Tylenol if they were sick and running a fever. I don't think I ever did it after their shots, but I have never heard that giving Tylenol after vaccinations lesson the effect. Good to know though. I agree with you also about children get over medicated these days. Not just with Tylenol, but with cold medicine, antibiotics and several others. Great post!

  4. Great post. I didn't know about Tylenol after vaccs either.. our peds always told us to give them Tylenol if they got cranky after they got them, lol

  5. I have never been a fan of medicating my child, not when he was little, and not now that he's 15. Thankfully, he is just as suspicious about taking any type of meds and prefers to make positively sure it's necessary before doing so. He even gives me a short interrogation if I suggest he take an ibuprofen or aspirin for a headache or if he gets bumped and bruised while playing sports.

    On your statement about doctors over prescribing, I agree completely. These days, doctors rarely REALLY listen to what you have to say, your concern, etc. I've been dealing with a lot of this lately myself. I've been suffering from severe tendonitis and carpal tunnel. While trying to confirm that those were the issues I was suffering from, every single doctor I spoke with wanted to put me on anti-depressants. It blew my mind. Yes, I was worried because my hands were suddenly in severe and almost intolerable pain, and yes, I was totally freaked out when I couldn't even grip a knife to butter a piece of toast, but in no way was I suffering from depression. When I voiced my concerns about the anti-depressants, they would subscribe something else to me, and when I would research it after picking it would a mild anti-depressant. These were family doctors, btw, not psychiatrists. They maybe spend 10 minutes in discussion with me, IF that.

    I think that if measures were taken to ensure that pharmaceutical companies couldn't have an impact on whether a doctor prescribes a specific drug, then we would have much less of this issue to deal with. Another is that the patients often expect a doctor to be able to give them a pill to simply make it all go away, instead of taking into account the dietary or exercise habits that may affect their treatment or other methods that should be considered.

    It's a serious issue, one I've considered writing about as well. Thanks for bringing up the discussion and good for you for not being too quick to shove meds down your kids throats.



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