Life, Naturally: Babywearing Anxiety

Babywearing Anxiety

Apr 6, 2012

Since the purpose of our vacation was to visit the new cousin to Tubby, I decided to pack the first sling I wore him in. The Original Hotslings carrier I famously complained didn't work for us for very long, would accompany us to try out with the two-month-old infant.  I was quite excited. I knew he wasn't too big for it. I was hoping as well that his mama would be able to wear it, too.

Here we are together. New cousin doesn't look too excited, does he?  I got him in comfortably and securely. He complained at first then settled down. He liked it when I moved around mostly. He was very still and calm in it. That is quite unusual for him compared to how active he is when someone is holding him.

His mama tried it on, just the sling but it was too high on her body. We are almost the same height and weight, but since she is post-partum, her body is considerably different than the shape I am used to seeing. The sizing was just a little too small for her. So much for trying to spread my baby carrier love around!


  1. Good try! We never did well with the infant slings. When Little Bit got bigger we had terrific success with an Ergo Baby Carrier. I have seen people use them on infants though. He is over two and I still use it. I did waste quite a bit of moolah on cruddy ones before I found this one though :D

  2. Ahh, that picture is adorable! He's a cutie pie. I've heard that carrying babies in slings greatly increases the amount of eye contact they maintain.

    I stumbled this post through Stumble Tumble Tuesday! My post is here.

  3. I am happy to 'thumbs up stumbled' this most interesting post.



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