Life, Naturally: Chemical-Free, the Way to Be with @ecoSTOREUSA #gogreen

Chemical-Free, the Way to Be with @ecoSTOREUSA #gogreen

May 27, 2013

For some time now, Healthy Child Healthy World has partnered with businesses that offer green and safe products to help you keep your family and home clean and healthy. EcoSTORE is one such partner! The reasons are many. All of ecoSTORE's products contain natural ingredients, no chemicals that are dangerous for us or the environment, and all ingredients are disclosed. You can see for yourself exactly what you are bringing into your home. The ecoSTORE is New Zealand based, so some of the products are made there while others are made in the USA.

I received quite an assortment of products to try. My personal favorite, the Hand Wash, scented with Rose and Cardamon. It was an unusual and unassuming fragrance that made me think of an exotic Middle Eastern dessert I wished I was eating. Oh, and it got my hands clean too! Hubby's favorite was the Glass Cleaner. He used it on our patio doors with great result. In his words, the windows became 'hi-def' after being clean with the ecoSTORE solution.

I used the concentrated gentle laundry liquid several times, also amazed at the fragrance. I am not usually taken with unnecessary scents, but in this case the Eucalyptus oil provided an energy boost to this frequent visitor to the laundry room. I am never out of dirty play clothes or cloth diapers or towels to wash with a little one in the house. The liquid detergent rinsed out well, didn't foam too much (a repair man told me HE machines don't like that at all), and cleaned all our laundry very well.  Hubby happened to find a smudged white pullover that needed some extra care. The Oxygen Whitener made it as good as new. I am sure it won't stay that way for long since Hubby does like to tinker in the garage or yard in his clean clothes...

The All Purpose Cleaner did wonders on our sinks in the bathroom and kitchen. I tend not to clean them as often as I should so there was some considerable grime to get rid of. Just a few sprays of the cleaner and a soft cloth as well as good old elbow grease got them clean and shiny.  There was also a slight orange smell to the cleaner that did not detract or seem unpleasant as some artificial cleaners use to distract from their harsh chemical smell. This cleaner did its job well while using only the most necessary and safe ingredients.

My only complaint was with the Toilet Blow Cleaner. While it did clean the toilet, there was a very strong odor that I did not like.  It was totally unexpected considering the subtle fragrances of the other products, and the fact that it reminded me of the harsh toilet bowl cleaners I no longer buy because I don't want those chemicals in the house. I read the ingredients listed on the bottle and could not really tell which one would have been the offender - maybe it was a combination of something with the Pine oil, which is totally unfamiliar to me. The odor disappears much faster than traditional cleaners, so maybe that is assurance enough that I don't need to worry about it.

You can be assured of a great selection of green, safe products from the ecoSTORE. I was overwhelmingly pleased with the ones I used. I recommend checking out the products online to see which ones you might want to add to your home and replace those nasty chemicals that your family doesn't need to be exposed to every time you use them. You can find great green and healthy tips and inspiration on ecoSTORE's facebook page, twitter or Pinterest boards.   

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Disclosure: I was provided free product(s) for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences. However, yours may be different.


  1. sounds like some very good products. Am wondering if my skin would have a reaction, I have very sensitive skin.
    Thanks for sharing. Hadn't heard of this before.

  2. Great review! I'm really impressed by the before and after pics.



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