Life, Naturally: Neat and Pretty Periods with Lunapads #Review

Neat and Pretty Periods with Lunapads #Review

May 22, 2013

It seems I am never finished learning about the different types of reusable menstrual products. I have tried cups, cloth pads and tampons. It wasn't until I spied the period panties on Lunapads that I discovered a totally new product. I got the chance to try out those as well as some 'mama cloth' items.   
I received the black Selena Lacy Brief pictured above. Not only is it pretty to look at, gorgeous in fact, it discretely provides wetness protection. You can go out looking and feeling great in this underwear. It keeps you neat and pretty and no one needs to know you have an ulterior motive. It can be used on light days, for back up to menstrual cup use, or for light incontinence. I found them really comfortable and a little sexy. Have you ever felt that way during your period? These undies will give you that little perk too! I never thought that could ever happen.

I also got to try out a mini pad in Apple Blossom and a teeny liner in Cupcake Cuties. The fabric are just too much, aren't they? Bright and colorful patterns keep you cheery all throughout your period, another unexpected perk courtesy of lunapads. The mini pad, like all lunapads, comes with interchangeable and stackable liners. I loved how trim the pad felt, almost like wearing nothing. I used one insert then replaced it with a dry one during the day without needing to unsnap and change pads. The liner is also almost non-existent in its thinness. If you are afraid to try out cloth pads because of bulk, these are the ones to get for sure.

I was extremely happy with my items from lunapads. And not only do they offer a great variety of items: menstrual cups, pads for post partum use to tiny liners, and the revolutionarily pretty padded panties that help us feel neat and pretty, they are helping by donating items to African girls through the Pads4Girls program, enabling them to go to school and learn with confidence.
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Disclosure: I was provided a free product(s) for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences. However, yours may be different.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with Lunapads and Lunapanties! If anyone's interested in trying them out for the first time, grab a Free Sample Pantyliner here:
    All you have to do is pay for shipping!

  2. These seem really great for panty liner use, and would save me money as they are reusable. Thanks for the great review and share.

  3. I remember using cloth pads when I started my menstrual cycle but once my daughter became of age she refused to use them. I think they are environmentally friendly and no problem to wash and reuse. Kids now a day do not listen sometimes.

  4. Those briefs are lovely. Who would have thought of that as a 'green' period alternative? I love the designs. I have yet to try any pads because of the number of choices. I am not sure what company to go with. I love that LunaPads supports disadvantaged girls :) It really impacts girls in the developing world - self esteem and ability to go to school

  5. These are really neat I love the thought of going green with something you would think couldnt

  6. Those briefs do look really pretty! I'd want them for every day!

  7. Erin K.5:12 PM

    I love reusable pads!



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