Jun 27, 2013

Featured by @MaclarenNA, Oh Yeah - Now it's Time to Vote!

Photo courtesy of Maclaren

Do you recognize that little nature-lover in the striped shirt? I was totally surprised and excited to see Tubby on the official Maclaren email newsletter that just went out. It was because we entered a photo contest they are having...but somehow we keep dropping places in the votes. I need your help!

Would you do me a huge favor and vote for Tubby? You can vote daily (every 24 hours, they are super picky so you will get a message if you don't wait long enough). Thank you! 

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  1. I just voted for Tubby, voted for you, and followed you via bloglovin'. Hope your little one wins!

    I am stopping by from the Aloha blog hop.
    Check out my blog, if you like:

  2. I voted! Such a cute picture.

  3. Adorable! Good luck.

  4. Good luck! Adorable child you got!

  5. Just voted for your cute little angel! Best of luck! ;)



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