Life, Naturally: Gorgeously Green with Öko Creations #GreenYourSummer Spotlight

Gorgeously Green with Öko Creations #GreenYourSummer Spotlight

Jun 5, 2013

I love finding shops with not only eco-friendly goods, but gorgeous items and prints as well. Öko Creations is one such shop from owners Melanie and Marie-Nöel. I just can't stop browsing all the pretty, colorful images and wishing I had them all! The goods are also made of organic cotton (hooded towel), merino wool (baby mittens) or hemp (diaper bag), one of the worlds most eco-friendly fabrics. Hemp can be grown anywhere in the world, with little effort. It helps the ground it grows in by aerating and returning nutrients. It takes the place weeds would like to inhabit because it grows faster than they do. I was amazed at the beautiful items made with this amazing plant and got to try out some for myself.

 The first product I tried was the make-up removal pads, made from a combination of hemp and organic cotton. Now, while I don't actually use or need to necessarily remove make-up, these pads came in handy for other tasks for which I previously used disposable cotton pads.  I used the soft and highly absorbent pads to apply ointments from tubs which I hate sticking my finger to get out. I also used them for cleaning all the scrapes and cuts Tubby gets on a daily basis. These pads are washable and therefore don't have to have just one use, they will come back clean and ready for the next task.  Another advantage of reusable pads is that they are a good size bigger than disposables. That alone means you are saving multiple pads per use of these natural ones. Double bonus!

I was even more excited to try out the mama cloth pads, believe it or not. I received a heavy flow pad, a mini liner, and a thong liner. All are made with the hemp and organic cotton fabric combination as well as a PUL backing. The fabric is soft throughout and deceptively thin. Hemp absorbs a lot more than any other fabric so they are great for mama cloth if you want thin with high flow capacity. The sizes are generous in terms of length and width. I have no complaints about movement because they sat very well on my underwear. The heavy-flow pad and the thong liner both have double snaps. That also helps with the adherence to your panty gusset as well as the ability to stay where you put it. Your movement is not hindered by these pads and liners. I loved the almost non-existent feel of them, it was like I was wearing nothing! You can't say that about many pads.

I was very happy with my items from Öko Creations. They also have a lot of other items for both mom and baby, from nursing pads to diapers liners. Since all are made with eco-friendly fabrics, they are kind to the earth as well as our skin. Follow the store on Facebook as well, sometimes they have contests. Merci beaucoup to Melanie for offering a gift certificate to the store for Green Your Summer hop!

Disclosure: I was provided free product(s) for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences, however, yours may be different.

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  1. Wow! I'd never thought about a reusable alternative to cotton pads, but I really like the idea. They'd be so useful.

  2. Very cool! It's always exciting to find reusable versions of every day items. Our house has moved more and more towards being "paper" free and it all started with cloth diapers!

  3. These are cute and look easing to use!


  4. I like those makeup removal pads! I'd love to try something like that instead of having to buy cotton balls.

  5. reuseable cotton pads great idea. my significant other would love these for makeup removal

  6. I love the idea of reusable cotton pads - I have been trying to use facecloths, but they are too rough. I'll have to track these down and try them!

  7. I love that they are thin but super absorbent!! They sound amazing!!



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