Life, Naturally: WIN Hank Finds an Egg & a Hummingbird Feeder! #book #review

WIN Hank Finds an Egg & a Hummingbird Feeder! #book #review

Aug 3, 2013

A great way to get your kids ready for school, years before you even think about it, is to read and explore books together. And the best way to engage young children is with pictures, of course. Picture books are great not only for the stories that accompany them, but also for little eyes and minds to explore and learn. Peter Pauper Press has published a fun learning experience for all with 'Hank Finds an Egg' by Rebecca Dudley. This is a truly unique book that families will enjoy for years.
'Hank Finds an Egg' is a true picture book, it contains no words! This book was created to engage both the 'reader' and the listener with its bold, life-like images. The images are not drawings or animations, they are compositions of scenes that are photographed to illustrate the story. The reader or narrator is free to tell whatever story he or she is inspired to tell. The story can change from telling to telling or stay the same. As an adult I really appreciated the textures and feelings that the scenes brought forward, even while I was creating the story to go along with them.

'Hank Finds an Egg' is a book like no other. Young readers and explorers will relish viewing the story-telling scenes as well as whatever tale is told by their narrator. Older children will also appreciate the illustrations for their creativity and detail while they figure out what the story is saying themselves.  I think this picture book cannot be underestimated. It is meant for families and children of all ages to discover and enjoy. Thanks to Peter Paper Press for publishing such a wonderful addition to the picture book and story book genres.  Buy it on amazon, B&N or PPP

Now, enter below for your chance to win a Hardcover copy of Hank Finds an Egg as well as a humming bird feeder! Open to US residents only.
Disclosure: I was provided free product(s) for review. The opinions in this review are my own true experiences, however, yours may be different.
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  1. I prefer picture books for younger kids. I think it holds their interest. My son really liked Officer Smalls.

  2. I prefer picture books for my daughter.

  3. I prefer the picture books for my son, it keeps him interested. My son loves a ton of books, but believe his all time favorite is The Pout Pout Fish in the Big Big Dark.

  4. Right now my almost 2 yr old loves picture books...she uses her imagination to 'read' me a story! I love watching her learn and grow! She love Peep in the Big Wide World right now!

  5. My son loves both. He likes the picture books to keep himself entertained. He has a big ABC/Animal Flap book that he LOVES! And we read him all sorts of different bedtime stories

  6. we love both! my personal favorite growing up was winnie the poo

  7. OH my do I love the pictures in this book!! They are gorgeous!! Not going to lie... Im not a fan of no words but my son would love it!!



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