Life, Naturally: Tasty Traditional & Modern Sauces from San-J #nonGMO #glutenfree

Tasty Traditional & Modern Sauces from San-J #nonGMO #glutenfree

Nov 21, 2013

You're trying your best to eat clean and green. You buy organic and non-gmo ingredients to make the best meals and then you pour a bottle of 'questionable' sauce all over it... You don't have to do that! If you're making Asian type meals, San-J can help you keep all those amazing ingredients tasting and being unadulterated by questionable science. San-J offers both organic and non-GMO sauces to pep up your dishes - they have been brewing Tamari for over 200 years! 

I say brewing because the benefits of Tamari come from fermentation, the process of growing beneficial bacteria that make your body work better and be healthier. This is how humans survived all these eons, eating beneficial bacteria from foods made with real ingredients. Did you know that most of the soy sauces you find in the grocery store are not fermented at all? They are not providing your food or body with any benefits, just genetically modified and unnecessary ingredients. 

San-J sent us two gluten-free and non-GMO sauces to try. I had never had Tamari or Mongolian sauce before. I was pleasantly surprised to taste 'real' soy sauce. While the Tamari is the tradtional sauce, it is one of the ingredients in the more modern (read, spicy) Mongolian sauce. This sauce was a definite wow on the taste and savor scale. There was a bite of ginger and arrowroot combination that surprised and delighted my taste buds. This will be my new go-to for pepping lots of meals up.

You can find more info and coupons on the Facebook page or check out all the tasty recipes on the San-J site. No matter whether you like the more tame Teriyaki or the spicy Szechuan, you will not be disappointed!
Disclosure: Thanks to Naturally Savvy for facilitating this review.

Christine is a multi-cultural mama living in a bilingual household with her husband and two children. Before entering the blogging world, she worked in the corporate world. She currently spends her days exploring and learning with her children while trying to make every day Earth Day. Her dream is to retire in the sunshine of a pristine New Zealand shore.


  1. I've tried the tamari, but I haven't ventured out to the other GF asian blends. I worried they would be too sweet and not have that "wow" factor. It sounds like I should give them a try!

  2. I'm glad to see there's a gluten-free, non GMO Asian sauce on the market. My sister can't have Soy Sauce due to her gluten intolerance but now I can fix her a stir fry that we can both eat. She'll be so happy!

  3. I would love to try these out! They sound tasty!



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