Life, Naturally: You've Come a Long Way Baby(Björn)! Limited Edition DOTS Collection

You've Come a Long Way Baby(Björn)! Limited Edition DOTS Collection

Feb 10, 2015

I have never thought of myself as being brand loyal, but after accessing my collection of baby gear, I realize that one brand does dominate, BabyBjörn. Tubby's first spoons, soft bib, baby bowl, apron bib, potty chair, my first structured carrier, and of course the one and only Bouncer Balance Soft, are all from BabyBjörn. Tubbette has been using the organic bouncer, starting from birth. She has enjoyed many good naps in it or just passed the time lounging and bouncing while her parents were busy with household duties!

That it hails from Sweden means distinctive design, it can fit in or stand out: perfect for any family and especially wonderful for my half-Swedish children. I love the colors and the overall design of the products, most of which have been used and loved for years. They endure. They stand out. They do not disappoint!

The bouncer is soft, like the name. It is tall and well balanced, like the name. There are no unnecessary handles or toys or straps to make it cumbersome or unsightly. It is a piece of furniture that fits in well with your decor, besides being undeniably comfortable for your baby. There is a wooden toy bar as well, a simple eco-friendly way for baby to engage his arms and eyes, if you wish to 'accessorize' it.

The bouncer is made of two simple pieces that fold flat: the sturdy metal frame and removable, washable cover. I think that was the kicker for me (besides the organic fabric) to take the plunge and buy this for Tubby those years ago, I could take it off in the case of spills or outdoor use - we did take it outside a few times - so that it could be cleaned and used with no worries. I even set it on the frame wet and left it on our porch to dry in the sun.

Now there is a striking limited edition collection of carriers and bouncer: DOTS by Karin.These items are only available through the end of February and only at Kohls. You better grab one or all! The black and white pattern is classic and modern. This bold design will stand out!

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  1. That bouncer looks so well designed and comfy for baby! :)

  2. This looks like such a well made product. I would like to try it.

  3. I love Baby Bjorn products. I have an old Little Potty I've used for three of my babies (one of them is currently thinking about potty training) and the little spoons fit her little hands so well. They're excellent quality.

  4. i love that bouncer. i got one for free from a neighbor and its amazing!!!

  5. We love Baby Bjorn. This bouncer looks amazing.

  6. Love Baby Bjorn! Especially those bibs that catch the food!



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